Diaspora Engagement in Economic Development

Diaspora Engagment in Economic Development (DEED) is a programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and implemented in cooperation with United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo. The DEED Programme is an innovative initiative to encourage Kosovo Diaspora to be more actively involved in the economic development of the country and their communities of origin.

The project consists of three main components achieve:

1) An increased gender-sensitive access and literacy of remittance receiving households in Kosovo to financial services in order to promote the accumulation of local savings and investment;

2) Models and mechanisms that facilitate migrants’ investment and savings in Kosovo are identified and piloted;

3) Evidence-based policies created by Kosovo authorities who have improved capacity to produce and manage information related to migration and development, including gender disaggregated data Each component targets different beneficiaries: the first focuses on remittance-receiving households whereas the second targets members of the Kosovo diaspora and Kosovar migrants. The third targets mainly Kosovo authorities who benefit from the first two outcomes as well. IOM is involved in the implementation of activities under the second and third components delineated above. These activities include assessment and feasibility studies for models that enable migrant investment in Kosovo as well as technical support to the Ministry of Diaspora (MoD).