EU-Community Stabilization III (EU-CSP III)


EU-Community Stabilization III (EU-CSP III) is a programme funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo in partnership with Ministry for Communities and Return (MCR), and implemented by International Organization for Migration Mission in Kosovo.    
EU-CSP III contributes to the stabilisation of non-majority communities by facilitating their access to economic opportunities communities and enabling the creation of sustainable livelihoods while simultaneously improving the living conditions in non-majority areas. Through these actions, the programme aims to enhance the conditions for members of non-majority communities to stay in Kosovo and to encourage those who have left to return.


The EU Community Stabilisation programme III (EU-CSP III) is designed to address the needs of non-majorities to generate incomes and improve their living conditions. The assistance is provided through the provision of grants and technical assistance to the members of non-majority communities in the establishing of micro enterprises and community improvement initiatives/business associations/cooperatives.

What EU-CSP III is doing?

  • Provides support for the start-up of new and expansion of existing micro enterprises for economic and rural development in particular businesses that will promote and strengthen the sustainable reintegration of returning non-majority communities.
  • Offers an opportunity to communities to improve living conditions by supporting community initiatives for wider community benefit working with community members and individual farmers and producers to explore opportunities for joint activity through creation and support to non-majority and inter-ethnic business associations.
  • Supports innovative economically viable businesses that are able to clearly demonstrate economic viability and sustainability and offer employment and income-generating opportunities.
  • Encourages the growth of market linkages between new businesses and existing enterprises.
  • Makes available technical assistance to selected entrepreneurs to enhance their operational capacities for managing sustainable businesses.


EU-CSP - Awarded Contracts above EUR 15,000