EU CSP - Awarded Contracts above EUR 15,000.00

Name of programme EU-Community Stabilization Programme Phase III 
EU Reference number 2015/370-437
Entity with whom the Commission has signed the contribution agreement IOM Kosovo
Total amount of EU contribution for the programme 2,000,000 € (two million Euros)
Stard and End date of the programme 3 Dec-2015 until 31 Jan 2018
Grants and procurement contracts awarded during the period 2014 - 2016 (for an amount over EUR 15,000)
Title of each procurement  contract Name and nationality of each grant beneficiary or contractor Date of procumerement contract Amount of each contract
Implementation of the EU-CSP III Projects : Green Houses  IS-1002-IN Svetlana Popovic,IS-1003-IN Nebojsa Ostojic, IS-1005-IN Nafije Noshaj, KL-1001-IN Miranda Mustafaj Arditi-Kosovar 12-May-16 € 16,485.00
Implementation of the EU-CSP III Project PA-1001-CO "Cultural House Equipment" Metali -Kosovar 17-May-16 € 15,498.00
Implementation of the EU-CSP III Project  PE-1001-CO  "Multifunctional Sport Field  " village Kliqinë/Klicina Peja/Pec N&B PROJEKT sh.p.k.-Kosovar 17-May-16 € 26,500.00
Implementation of the EU-CSP III Project  GJ-1001-CO  "Upgrading sport field and site walk in elementary school Yll Morina" in Gjakova Municipality Daqa-Kosovar 20-May-16 € 25,000.00
Implementation of EU-CSP III Project " Construction of multipurpose sport field" IS-1001-CO, in Avni RRUstemi school in Zallq Villlage -Istog Municipality Oda Construction sh.p.k.-Kosovar 27-May-16 € 26,439.40
Implementation of the EU-CSP III project GJK-1002-CO Construction of sport field and side walks in Elementary School Egjell Gjoni N&B PROJEKT sh.p.k.-Kosovar 1-Jun-16 € 18,000.00
EU-CSP III Supply of agriculture equipment Haxhijaha sh.p.k.-Kosovar 25-Jun-16 € 53,430.00
Implementation of EU-CSP III Projects RAN-1010-IN; NB-1009-IN; NB-1016-IN (Mechanic-tire Repair Shop, Tire repair shop, Auto Service-GAS Installation) Compresori 7 sh.p.k-Kosovar 8-Aug-16 € 15,680.01
Implementation of EU-CSP project
Indoor ssports field reconstruction in Ropotava e Madhe village in Ranillug
Oda Construction sh.p.k.-Kosovar 6-Oct-16 € 28,127.00
Implementation of EU-CSP III Project
IS-1004-CO Supply with concetrization tools and science laboratory
ABETARE-Kosovar 7-Oct-16 € 18,479.05
EU-CSP III Supply of waste containers Zana sh.p.k.-Kosovar 2-Dec-16 € 15,400.00
Implementation of the project OB-1004-CO
Agriculture cooperative ZRNO
Agribau-Kosovar 8-Dec-16 € 20,000.00
Comment: the values of the projects include the co-funding with Ministry for Community and Return of Government of Kosovo and Municipalities