EU-funded “Beautiful Kosovo” shines in December with home for elderly and playgrounds for schoolkids

Pristina, December 22th 2014


EU-funded “Beautiful Kosovo” shines in December with home for elderly and playgrounds for school kids


Four projects in municipalities of Vushtrri/Vučitrn, Junik/Junik, Obiliq/Obilić and Istog/Istok, were finalised in the month of December 2014: a centre for elderly, two schoolyards and a green zone! They were all constructed with EU funds, through EU - Beautiful Kosovo II programme, a joint project of the EU Office in Kosovo and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

The total value of the inaugurated projects is 432,349 EUR. Almost 93% were provided by the European Union, whereas municipalities participated with 30,937 EUR. Through these four projects, 249 jobs opportunities were created: 193 for those registered as long term unemployed, including 29 youth, 22 persons from minority groups, 17 women and 4 persons with disabilities.  In addition, through the implementation of these EU-funded projects, 16 long term-employments were created within the municipalities and/or within the contracted companies based on good performance of employees identified through Employment Centres.

The aim of the EU-Beautiful Kosovo II programme, implemented by International Organisation for Migrations (IOM), is to bring to citizens throughout Kosovo small and medium scale infrastructure projects in order to improve their living conditions and at the same time creating new job opportunities, especially for the most vulnerable groups. The EU-funded Beautiful Kosovo projects have contributed to remarkable change of the environment, turning dumpsites to beautiful parks, building promenades, playgrounds and kindergartens.



List of projects, finalised in December 2014, and their beneficiaries:

Municipality of Vushtrri/Vučitrn:

“Renovation of the Nazmi Zhegrova School yard in Stanoc i Poshtëm/Donje Stanovce village”
Total Project value: 94,666 Euros
Municipal contribution: 11,433 Euros (12%)
Total beneficiaries employed: 60 people
Beneficiaries employed through Employment Centre: 40 people


Municipality of Junik/Junik:

“Creation of green area and paths along the Erenik River”
Total project value: 77,296 Euros
Municipal contribution: 12,076 Euros (16%)
Total beneficiaries employed: 28 people
Beneficiaries employed through Employment Centre: 19 people


Municipality of Obiliq/Obilic:
“Construction of recreational and health centre for elderly people”
Total project value: 140,159 Euros
Municipal contribution: 7,428 Euros (5%)
Total beneficiaries employed: 64 people
Beneficiaries employed through Employment Centre: 39 people


Municipality of Istog/Istok:

“Renovation of the Haxhi Zeka school yard in Istog/Istok”
Total project value: 120,227 Euros
Total beneficiaries employed: 97 people
Beneficiaries employed through Employment Centre: 95 people