EU-Return and Reintegration III

The EU-Return and Reintegration III contributes to the tolerant multi-ethnic society, as well as the rights-based and sustainable return and reintegration of minority IIDP, IDP, and refugee families. The goals of the programme are achieved through facilitating the migration management capacities of civil society and government authorities on both the central and municipal levels.

IOM Kosovo is partnering with three local NGOs:DT (Developing Together), APPK (Employment Promotion Agency Kosovo) and CPT (Center for Peace and Tolerance), all of them with many years of experience and expertise in different elements related to the returns process to strengthen the capacity of local actors to take over the implementation of returns programmes entirely.

The approach of EU-Return and Reintegration III is affecting all levels of Kosovo society, from the governmental level to the civil society and individuals. This can be seen in the specific targets of the Programme:

-  to facilitate the Public Administration Reform of the MCR;

-  to improve the effectiveness of municipal authorities in the return and reintegration process;

-  to assist IIDP, IDP, and refugee families during the return and reintegration process through the provision of housing and rehabilitation local infrastructure;

-  to promote the socio-economic integration of returnees, including support to minorities in overcoming their isolation by mainstreaming their needs.

Besides house construction, beneficiaries are provided with other assistance in terms of furniture, food, non-food items, and Income generation grants. These are meant to ensure the secure return process and the sustainable integration to Kosovo society.

EU-Return and Reintegration III Leaflet