EU-RRK III successfully finalized, and the continuation EU-Return and Reintegration IV launched in Prishtina

On 12th of November 2014, Kosovo Ministry of Community and Return hosted a closing event for EU-Return and Reintegration III and the launching event of the fourth phase of the programme.

EU-Return and Reintegration IV is a part of the European Union Instrument for Pre-accession (IPA) 2013 and a continuation of the EU-Return and Reintegration III, which was also implemented by IOM Kosovo.The programme is targeting Displaced persons in the Region (DPR), Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees returning to Kosovo by providing the returnees with housing, harmonized assistance packages with food, non-food items, firewood and furniture, as well as income generation packages.

EU-Return and Reintegration is a programme aiming to contribute to the sustainable and tolerant multi-ethnic society by providing support in the return and reintegration process in an individual level. The programme also supports central and local level authorities in Kosovo by strengthening their capacities in order to fulfill their roles in the process. 

The programme will start on 1st of November 2014 and last for 30 months. As in the EU-RRK III, the overall objective of EU-RRK IV is to contribute to the creation of an enduring, tolerant, multi-ethnic environment Kosovo which ensures the basic human right of displaced non-majority community members to a safe, secure, and sustainable return and reintegration in dignity.

Besides the 4 million Euro from the European Union, Kosovo Ministry for Community and Return will fund the programme with additional 2 million, raising the total value for 6 million Euro. The overall objective is to build 250 houses for returning or displaced beneficiaries in the municipalities of PejëǀPeć, KlinëǀKlina, IstogǀIstok, ObiliqǀObilić, ŠtrpceǀShtërpcë, Suharekë|Suva Reka, and GjilanǀGnjilane where the EU-Return and Reintegration IV will be implemented.

The EU-RRK III was implemented by IOM Kosovo between November 2011 and October 2014. During the implementation, 210 houses were built for returning minorities. Beneficiaries were also provided with harmonized assistance packages, including food, non-food items, furniture and firewood, as well as income generation packages and trainings. The programme also implemented 10 community projects to improve the living conditions of receiving and returning communities. 

The Chief of Mission of the implementing agency, IOM Kosovo, thanked all the partners for excellent cooperation; Center for Peace and Tolerance, Developing Together and Agency for Promotion of Employment and also expressed his appreciation to the municipalities of EU-RRK III.