Final list of the MSME Programme Grant beneficiaries released

In the framework of the programme “Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Kosovo (MSME Grants)”, funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as implementing agency of the programme is pleased to publish the final list of awarded enterprises that participated in the Call for Proposals for both Lot 1 (Micro enterprises) and Lot 2 (SMEs).

Following the launch of the MSME Programme Call for Proposals and subsequent organization of nine technical info sessions in different regions of Kosovo, a total of 784 project proposals were submitted by interested local enterprises, including 459 applications for Lot 1 (59%) and 325 applications for Lot 2 (41%). 

As a result of an administrative check on the applications, IOM found that 300 applications submitted for Lot 1 and 266 for Lot 2 were found compliant, totaling a success rate of 72%, namely 566 total applications.

Due to the extremely high number of applications and a limited amount of available funds, a pre-selection screening was performed on the applications which passed the administrative check, based on the relevance and growth impact of the submitted proposals. As a result of it, 387 applications (49% of the total applications received) were found compliant and reached the final stage of technical evaluation. 

In order to ensure a professional and objective technical evaluation, as well as to avoid by all means any potential conflicts of interest, the final technical evaluation of 387 project proposals was performed by three selected external and independent assessors. The assessors performed a thorough technical analysis of the 387 applications by attributing scores in accordance with the previously developed Evaluation Grid, which for transparency purposes was included in the application package for applicants and published on the IOM website at the time of the original Call for Proposals. Each application was evaluated by two of the three assessors with the final score being the resulting average, in accordance with the double-eye evaluation principle.

Once the technical evaluation was finalized, the nominated Evaluation Panel carried out an additional in-depth analysis of the ranking list provided by the assessors, including their provided comments and justification of awarded scores, and conducted fact-finding field visits to the 53 highest scored projects in order to verify correspondence between the assessors’ findings, the reality in the field, and the reliability of the pre-selected enterprises. 

Thus, based on the results of the technical assessment performed by external assessors and as an outcome of 53 site visits performed to the recommended enterprises, the Evaluation Panel decided to award 21 Micro Enterprises (Lot 1) and 15 Small and Medium Enterprises (Lot 2) until the allocation of all available funds. Contracting procedures were finalized and the implementation of 36 selected projects started in February 2015 (Lot 2) and in March 2015 (Lot 1), respectively.

It has to be noted that through the MSME Grants Programme only 4.6% of total applications submitted by interested enterprises were awarded for funding due to limited budget available.  This demonstrated both the immense demand for support to enterprises in Kosovo as well as the high level of quality and competition among the applicants.

Applicants who were not awarded may submit a request for additional information regarding the reasons of their application’s rejection by submitting an email to latest by 17:00 hrs, 28th April 2015.  Requests should include the application reference number. 

All requests submitted after the given deadline will not be taken into consideration. Due to the large number of unsuccessful applications (748), the response by IOM might not be immediate; however all the requests submitted in due time will be addressed.

The list of the awarded beneficiaries is can be downloaded here.