IOM Kosovo programmes

IOM Kosovo has completed many successful programmes throughout the years.
At the moment, the Mission is running the following programmes:

- EU-Beautiful Kosovo II
  A programme funded by the European Union, targeting to beautify Kosovo
  environment and create employment opportunities through small and medium scale infrastructure projects.

- EU-Community Stabilization II
  A programme funded by the European Union, addressing the needs of minorites
  to generate income and improve the living conditions.

- EU-Return and Reintegration in Kosovo Programme
  A programme funded by the European Union, aiming at the promotion of tolerant, multi-ethnic
  society by supporting the return process of IDP's, IIDP's and refugees.

- Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration
 A programme funded by states of origins in Europe, aiming to promote sustainable voluntary
 return and reintegration of Kosovars.

- Diaspora Engagement in Economic Development
 A programme funded by the Foreign Ministry of Finland, implemented together with the United Nations
 Development Program, is encouraging Kosovo diaspora to take more active role in the economic development of Kosovo.

- Support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Grants)
A programme funded by the European Union and Kosovo Ministry for Trade and Industry, addressing the difficulties experienced by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Kosovo in obtaining funding for development from usual sources of finance, such as banks and microfinance organizations.

- Swedish Medical Programme
An ongoing collaboration between the Government of Sweden and International Organization for Migration,
assisting the patients who couldn't be treated in Kosovo, to access health care services and operations.