IOM promotes minority musician groups

Through EU-Community Stabilization Programme II, IOM Kosovo has been contributing to the living conditions of non-majority communities throughout Kosovo. As one of the activities, the programme has supported two promising musical groups from K-Serb and K-Roma communities in Strpce/Shtërpcë Rahovec/Orahovec municipalities.

Both of the groups are playing traditional music in their own language and hence promoting their own culture within their own communities but also in larger scale. The bands were looking to update their instruments and equipment. With the support received from IOM, they were able to perform more often and professionally and therefore to generate income through their music.

The K-Serbian group from Strpce/Shtërpcë municipality had been playing and performing for several years but due to high cost of renting performance equipment, the money they earned as profit was minimal.  Through the EU-CSP support, the band received a keyboard, stand, and mixer, allowing them to earn more during their public performances.

The musician from K-Roma community in Rahovec/Orahovec municipality also had been playing and performing at community events such as weddings and other cultural events. Through the support from EU-CSP II, he received a sound system and microphones. Since 2002, the EU-CSP Programme has provided business support to over 1300 groups and individuals.