MSME Awarded grants

Name of programme EU-Support to Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises in Kosovo (MSME Grants) Project
EU Reference number 2013/336-098
Entity with whom the Commission has signed the contribution agreement IOM Kosovo
Total amount of EU contribution for the programme  € 3,000,000 (three million Euros) 
Stard and End date of the programme 1 Feb-2014 until 30 Dep-2016
Grants and procurement contracts awarded during the period 2014 - 2016 (for an amount over EUR 15,000)
Title of each grant/procurement  contract Name and nationality of each grant beneficiary or contractor Date of grant Amount of each grant
Increase of production capacities of jewerlly and certifications with QMS DPZ GAN DIZAJN-Kosovar 13-Mar-15  €                      21,224.50
Improvement of furniture production capacity NPT ARDI-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      17,300.00
New line for shampoo SHPK UNION-CO-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      25,000.00
Women clothing production NTP ILIRI-GR-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      25,000.00
Enhancement of company production capacities SHPK LAMI PROJECT-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      25,000.00
Plastic processing NP LTG PLAST-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,650.00
Sabaja draught packaking project  NTP SABAJA CRAFT BREWERY-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      19,292.79
Strengthening wood industry with technology and certification of ISO 9001 NTP LUMI-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,700.00
Advance and inovative foamed concrete technology PEC ARHING-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,988.00
Laminated glass production ECOTERM sh.p.k.-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      20,711.00
Empowerement of women in bisiness DPT Festa-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      12,401.50
Improving the competitiveness of Breni-Koscandy production company PP BRENDI-KOS-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      23,724.50
Plastic craes module NTP VLLESA-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      25,000.00
Purchaing of the equipment for metal processing hydraulic punching line NTSH METAL FIX-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,975.00
Manufacturing and production of paper sachets for Kosovo market SHPK RISI COMPANY-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,216.55
Installing new producing line in Shurata enterprice DPZ DUARARTA-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      24,722.85
Fiberglass wire mesh NTP AVEX-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      20,825.00
Toward clean energy DPZ ARING-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      25,000.00
Increase production capacities for wood processing NTP FLORI DEKOR-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      20,000.00
Circullar saw blade grinding CNC machine DPZ ARGENT-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      20,000.00
Improve technology and capacities for Ndertuesi Company NNT NDERTUESI-Kosovar 12-Mar-15  €                      20,000.00
Further expansion of the production capacities and products portfolio of INOVA – Plastic Pipe Industry NP INOVA SHPK-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   198,086.00
Taking back the chocolate market Sweet Pop SHPK-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   130,891.50
Expansion of the production capacity for wet wipes, pocket wipes and makeup wipes ALM Group SHPK-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   108,674.00
Increase the Production Capacity of Sela Impex - Substitute Imports with Domestic Furniture Products in the Value of 2.3 Million Euros Sela Impex-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   189,841.88
Introducing the Production of Hydrostatic Pipes for Kosovo Market and Enhancing Export Potentials of Metal Products for Exim Metal Sh.P.K Exim Metal-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   178,955.50
Added capacities for metal-based products Kuk Commerc SHPK-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   139,455.00
Extend the production portfolio with 300 additional filter types Pure Power SHPK-Kosovar 30-Jan-15  €                   173,500.00
Increasing the competitiveness of the furniture production and market expansion BINNI SHPK-Kosovar 2-Feb-15  €                   191,205.00
Developing the Textile Competitiveness and Brand Identity Arta-Tex NPT-Kosovar 2-Feb-15  €                   179,933.00
biodegradable, recycled, garbage tape bags to clean our home NPT Scampa-Kosovar 2-Feb-15  €                   116,240.50
Production of metal drywall profiles LTS KOSOVO SHPK-Kosovar 2-Feb-15  €                   197,000.00
Increase of export, job generation and environment protection by the first Waste Tyre Recycling plant in Kosovo Gratis Commerce-Kosovar 11-Feb-15  €                   181,495.00
Expanding Production Capacity with the aim to Substitute Imports and Improve the Trade Balance of Construction Materials through Exports Rroni Fer SHPK-Kosovar 11-Feb-15  €                   194,240.00
Purchase of machinery for increased capacity DPZ Tekom-Kosovar 11-Feb-15  €                   195,750.00
Development of Innovations at Logistics Plus Logistics Plus SHPK-Kosovar 11-Feb-15  €                      90,000.00

Comment: the values of the projects include the co-funding with Ministry of Trade