This is a multi-ethnic agricultural company established by Serbian and Albanian families, and operates in Dobrotin village, Gracanica Municipality. The company is unique in the agricultural sector due to an innovative and advanced production of organic fruits and vegetables through hydroponics method. 

Expansion of production during the season with hydroponics method is very famous in the world. In our market this method of production is brand-new and it significantly improves and accelarates etnire production process. With this method they produce organic food, quality food with necesary quality management production certificate. The main advantages and achievements of hydroponics production are:

  • Big production on small surface.
  • Sufficient quantity of products, fresh and ecologically clean products.
  • Substitution of import and possibility of export.
  • Permanent and seasonal employment for villagers and multi-ethnic empoyment.

Their primary activity is production of seedlings. With this method seedlings grow for maximum 7 days. Each day they plant salads so that circle of production will be continuous. Products are fresh and organic production is their advantage. In 35 days complete production is finalized. Besides salads they produce, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, paulownia, godgy-berry, blackberry, black currant and others.   

This project is a part of IOMs programme Business and Social Support and Integration, which aims to foster integration of mainly minority enterprises into national institutions and Kosovo market. Initially, IOM published open call for proposals within grants scheme for business ideas and social initiatives respecting criteria of multi-ethnicity and social impact, and various proposals were supported through the programme.