As a result of long-term cooperation and following numerous consultations with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) and in order to jointly facilitate inclusion and provide technical support to minority businesses, a Focal Point/Coordinator for minority businesses was engaged for 10 months to support the implementation of the project as per specific tasks envisaged. As an outcome of this cooperation, the following activities were successfully finalized: 

  • Minority business data base completed with over 4,000 minority enterprises included.
  • Timely information provided on different business events and opportunities offered by local and national institutions in order to facilitate minority businesses' integration.
  • All relevant documents translated into Serbian language and published on KCC site.
  • Through organization of B2Bs and business fairs, including minority businesses supported through the Social Integration Project and/or by different IOM projects, resulted in 50 cooperation agreements signed between companies from different communities. 

As follow up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as legal base for future cooperation between IOM and  the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce was signed on 01 June 2018 and activities continued in the third phase of the project.