New Dairy established in village Jarinje, in Leposavic Municipality is a joint effort of the EuroMilk Company, IOM and British Embassy. Company was supported through purchase of machinery and equipment and through facilitation into national institutions and Kosovo market by intermediation of British Embassy and IOM. 

There is no existing milk factory in the dairy sector in the northern region of Kosovo.  Thus project improved the quality of the dairy industry and introduced innovations in the dairy sector, fostering and promoting development of economy and production in underdeveloped areas.

The project will provide support and work for about 100 people through repurchase of milk and better conditions for additional income of farms enabling an increase in livestock.

The project generated direct employment within milk production facility to 7 (seven) people, with special focus on youth and persons with disabilities, and indirect to other entrepreneurs engaged in stock farming. The newly established diary is the only one in this region and will significantly contribute to substitution of import, further expansion Kosovo wide and abroad.

This project is a part of IOMs programme Business and Social Support and Integration, which aims to foster integration of mainly minority enterprises into national institutions and Kosovo market. Initially, IOM published open call for proposals within grants scheme for business ideas and social initiatives respecting criteria of multi-ethnicity and social impact, and various proposals were supported through the programme.