This start-up business is a partnership of two Serbian females from Zvecan, an enthusiastic endeavor of perspective young fashion designers who want to express their knowledge and to present different models of clothes design and accessories to the Kosovo fashion industry. For many years, creation, designing and finding fashion solution was only a hobby for them, but currently through the purchase of required equipment, they will move step forward and establish fashion design studio with all necessary equipment to produce final products of women’s clothing. The project generated five employments in total from different ethnicities; three for youth women in tailoring and two for fashion designers.   

In addition to above mentioned, through project’ activities IOM organized their participation at Prishtina Fashion Night event organized in April 2017, which was good opportunity for them to present their designs and further promote their work Kosovo wide.

This project is a part of IOMs programme Business and Social Support and Integration, which aims to foster integration of mainly minority enterprises into national institutions and Kosovo market. Initially, IOM published open call for proposals within grants scheme for business ideas and social initiatives respecting criteria of multi-ethnicity and social impact, and various proposals were supported through the programme.