This Textile Company is located in Bosniak Mahala in Mitrovica North, and was established in 2016. They produces pantyhose and trainers for men, children, girls and middle-aged women of different ages and sizes. Through project support, respectively purchase of machinery for embroidery and sewing, the company expanded capacities and improved production with new technology line, enabling them to be more competitive in the Kosovo textile industry. Through purchase of equipment, the company accelerated production and expanded their portfolio, while at the same time offering new embroidery services. Upon delivery of machines, the company employed 5 (five) new youth female workers from minority communities. The company started offering trainings for sewing and clothes designing for all interested female candidates with possibility of permanent job opportunities at their company.   

This project is a part of IOMs programme Business and Social Support and Integration, which aims to foster integration of mainly minority enterprises into national institutions and Kosovo market. Initially, IOM published open call for proposals within grants scheme for business ideas and social initiatives respecting criteria of multi-ethnicity and social impact, and various proposals were supported through the programme.