Villa Vllahia is a mountainous restaurant specifically destined for rural tourism. The restaurant is oriented on offering organic food and customer motivation in nature visits and other physical activities such as hiking, mountain biking and fruit gathering by the restaurant's guests. Project aimed to improve services of existing business, promote tourism and energy efficiency measures. The restaurant works as tourism facility offering catering services and various cultural activities and events in the remote and underdeveloped area of Mitrovica region. The restaurant fostered tourism and local economy through purchase of organic food, fruits, vegetables, milk and cheese and other goods from farmers and suppliers of different ethnicities inhabiting this area. The business has several contracts signed with suppliers of different ethnicities, contributing to inter-ethnic cooperation and reconciliation among communities. Through the project support, the business generated 2 (two) permanent employments, out of which 1 (one) for Serbian worker in-charge for supplies from Serbian community and 11 (eleven) seasonal employments.

This project is a part of IOMs programme Business and Social Support and Integration, which aims to foster integration of mainly minority enterprises into national institutions and Kosovo market. Initially, IOM published open call for proposals within grants scheme for business ideas and social initiatives respecting criteria of multi-ethnicity and social impact, and various proposals were supported through the programme.