Construction of multi-ethnic market in Kmetovce village, Gjilan Municipality

Citizens of this multi-ethnic village were selling agricultural products just next to the main road with heavy traffic, without proper safety, logistics or designated place. An appropriate market place was required where the whole community will be able to access and sell their products in a safe manner. Identified as one of the priorities by the Municipality, the project was jointly supported through programme funds and the Ministry for Communities and Return in Kosovo with logistic support of the Municipality.


Road Construction in Budisavcë/Budisavce village, Klina Municipality

A road in the length of 400m leading to the Orthodox Monastery in Budisavcë/Budisavce village in Klinë/Klina Municipality was constructed as a joint effort of the British Embassy, the Ministry for Communities and Return, Kosovo Security Forces, the Municipality of Klina and IOM. The project was funded by the British Embassy in Pristina and MCR and implementation performed by KSF and IOM contractor. Beside the fact that road constructed avails better access for citizens to an old Monastery it is also worth to mention that the involvement of Kosovo Security Forces in the project implementation created additional confidence towards citizens, especially minorities, in Kosovo Security Forces and their work.