ICT is defined as one of the national priorities and one of the fast growing industries in Kosovo. At the other side, existing curriculums in primary and high schools are not following these trends. In order to make IT more interesting and attractive for children and youth, already well advanced on this field, the project supported capacity development of 45 IT teachers from minority schools from Gnjilane, Mitrovica North and Leposavic municipalities. In cooperation with identified partner, respectively, J-Coders from Pristina, 72 trainings for teachers were organized and further the teachers will convey knowledge to the students. Students than will have opportunity to be part of national networks and compete and share knowledge with their peers. Besides trainings, the project envisaged purchase of equipment to the schools, respectively microcontrollers and software, enabling teachers to convey knowledge to the students according new IT programs and methods provided on the training.

Due to high interest of teachers from Mitrovica North and Leposavic, the project continued with additional trainings and with development of guidebooks in electronic version as open source document and printing of hard copies and delivering to the schools to use in curricular activities.     

Official distribution of donated equipment and training certificates for teachers is expected to occur in May 2018 with presence of British Embassy’s representatives.