Cutting-edge cooling chamber for storage of raspberry installed in Stanishor/Stanišor

Cutting-edge cooling chamber for storage of raspberry installed in Stanishor/Stanišor

Nestled within the Novobërdë/Novo Brdo municipality, the village of Stanishor/Stanišor had always been known for its thriving agricultural heritage, particularly its exceptional raspberry production. However, the local producers faced challenges in preserving the berries' quality after harvest. That's when IOM stepped in to make the difference.

Through the EU-funded Community Stabilisation Programme, IOM successfully finalized the installation of a cutting-edge cooling chamber specifically designed for raspberry storage, bringing new opportunities to the village. The cooling chamber will ensure optimal storage conditions for raspberries. With precise control over temperature and humidity, this facility will preserve the fruit's freshness, flavor, and nutritional values, thus considerably extending its shelf life, and ultimately the flexibility of local producers in accessing markets across a wider geographical reach.

"We are excited to have been part of this cooperative. The cooling chamber underscores our commitment to supporting local producers by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to optimize post-harvest management”, a member of the newly established cooperative Mr. Nebojsa Jovanović said, adding that the chamber's advanced technology will enable ideal conditions for the storage of raspberries.

In addition to this, the project envisions comprehensive training sessions for the local farmers and producers with a specific focus on handling, packaging and storing raspberries.

The EU-funded Community Stabilisation Programme IV in partnership with the Ministry for Communities and Returns, implemented by IOM, aims to facilitate the creation of an inclusive multi-ethnic society in Kosovo through socio-economic stability and community development initiatives. The Programme is designed to create income-generating opportunities for non-majority communities enhancing their (re) integration prospects and improving social inclusion and resilience by stimulating tailored inter-ethnic community initiatives that contribute to trust building and reconciliation.   

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