The Kosovo apparel industry has 200 years of tradition, and was formerly the second largest industry in Kosovo, after mining. Apparel sector is among the most labor intensive industry that has the chance to open thousands of new jobs in Kosovo. The aim of this project is to give the opportunity to women to be successful by building further their knowledge and capacities.  

The project was implemented by Kosovo Apparel Marketing Association (KAMA) and provided an opportunities for women to develop or improve their skills in fashion/textile industry through the organization of professional workshops in sewing and tailoring of apparel. Through this project, 50 women of Serbian, Bosnian and Albanian ethnicities were trained and provided with knowledge which will significantly contribute in increasing job opportunities in the Kosovo labour market or even in the establishment of private enterprises by beneficiaries. 

Women targeted and identified to participate on the trainings were from Peja (Gorazdevac village), Gracanica and Mitrovica North and South municipalities. The course lasted for four months with 48 classes per each group. All women who participated training obtained training certificates.

Upon recommendation of IOM and in order to achieve strong impact and generate new employment, KAMA visited several larger textile companies in both regions to talk and get confirmation if any of the textile company will be interested to hire workers from minority communities once the training is finalized. As an outcome, targeted companies employed 4 (four) new workers on long term basis and 1 (one) woman will establish hew own tailoring business.