Three different business trainings were provided by NGO Centre for Kosovo Society Depoliticization in the period of March-June 2017 in Albanian and Serbian languages. Trainings held at the multi-ethnic training center in Kamenica involved women and youth from Novo Brdo, Kamenica and Ranilug Municipality. The main goal was to address high unemployment rate among the target groups and to improve their skills, capacities, and networks to be more competitive in the labor market, while also establishing long-term cooperation in a multi-ethnic environment and/or to start their own business.

The first training session was for 10 women of different ethnicities in Kamenica Municipality who are interested to start the initiatives of self-employment and associating in order to create conditions for economic sustainability of themselves and their families. Training provided in the business sector, namely development of business plans, financial management, report writing and business administration and networking with other economic actors in Kosovo. The second training was for youth development and improvement of capacities in search for job opportunities, namely writing a CV, motivation letter, interview with an employer, vocational training. The third training was for long-term unemployed people also with the same thematic in order to develop their skills in search for job opportunities. In overall more than 30 beneficiaries attended trainings and obtained certificates.