Main goal of the project is to improve quality of life for the youth in Novo Brdo Municipality through various trainings and counselling by promoting non-formal education for young people about mental health and substance abuse, and lay the foundation for the prevention of mental health disorders and substance use, to raise the capacity of young people to combat violence and discrimination, promoting assertiveness, tolerance and respect for diversity. The Local Youth Action Council from Novo Brdo implemented training activities in the period of April-July 2017, in the premises of Novo Brdo Municipality. Direct targeted groups were youngsters from 15 (fifteen) up to 29 (twenty nine) years old, from Albanian and Serbian ethnicities inhabiting in Novo Brdo Municipality.     

These trainings were important since the most participants had not come into contact with young people from other communities or didn’t have opportunity to meet and socialize, and beside gained knowledge they had an opportunity to meet young people from other communities and thus to dispel prejudices they had about each other.

Gained knowledge and skills will help beneficiaries to overcome problems and conflicts that they face as adolescents, to change badly habits and motivate them to change their lifestyle and making impact on improvement quality of life.